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Bitwig Studio Upgrade 16-Track (ESD); audio MIDI sequencer (DAW); Caution - Upgrade version! Requires a registered license of Bitwig 16-Track!; upgrades Bitwig 16-Track to the latest version of Bitwig Studio; intuitive producer, composer and live performance software; unlimited number of audio, MIDI and effect tracks; allows to switch instantly between different projects; Clip-based comping featuring colour coding of the takes; Operator allow extensive playback options and modification of clips and events; Expression Spread enables random-based variations of playback parameters; The Grid offers a modular sounddesign environment with 154 modules; Poly Grid allows to create synthesizers, sequenced patches and many more; FX Grid enables the creation of audio effects with optional voice stacking; versatile functionality based on hybrid tracks, arranger clip launcher, mixer clip launcher, clip automation, dynamic inspector and many more; plugin sandboxing feature avoids app crashes; multi-touch support and support for up to 3 displays; Open Controller API allows customized controller scripts; contains 13 instruments, 41 audio effects, 14 Note FX as well as numerous containers, routers and modulators; support of numerous MIDI controllers and native MPE support; flexible sync options like Ableton Link, MIDI clock, MIDI timecode and support for analog clock signals; supported languages Chinese, English, German, Japanese; incl. 12 months update plan